It's true @jansonebwoodlee, Kelly is still my American Idol, and here is why:
  1. Because "Second Wind," "Let Your Tears Fall," and "Good Goes the Bye" on Piece by Piece (2015) are my most recent Kelly Jams/Anthems.
  2. Because she always makes the "How did you know, how did you KNOOOOW" interval at the end of the bridge in "You Found Me" (Breakaway, 2004) even though I cannot do so after years of trying and actually having had someone find me when no one else was looking.
  3. Because of the way she says, "This is Beautiful Disaster" before singing in the live recording of Beautiful Disaster (Breakaway, 2004).
  4. Because of her open-throated phonation and execution of high belts with (mostly) gritty clarity.
  5. Because the story of her doing shots of olive oil during the grueling first season of Idol still inspires me during really grueling karaoke nights.
  6. Because I still imagine the vocal coachings she gave Clay on the tour bus in 2004 and I use the imaginary dialogue to teach myself to make a really forward sound and have big breath support.
  7. Because she don't give no Effs about what people say about her body.
  8. Because @jansonebwoodlee and I are going to see her August 1st!!! Last time we saw her live, I lost my Blackberry v1.0 and my parents' last hope for my heterosexuality.