I'm at the airport right now and I've been watching this family and this is what I've gathered.
  1. The dad is very hot
    Not just dad-hot, but the fact that he's a dad makes him hotter. He's totally an old football bro. That's okay by me.
  2. The mom is cool in an "I don't give a fuck I have a hot husband and I too am a catch"
    She was eating a box of chocolates when I walked up and her shirt says "Crossfit"
  3. The oldest boy is the least interesting
  4. The middle, also a boy, has sticky-outy ears and is very worried that they won't call our flight
    He also yelled at his brother for being rude to their sister (see below) and I appreciated him standing up for her like that
  5. The little girl has a big huge bun on her head and bosses her brothers around
    She also has a toy airplane she's been playing with so like here's hoping she goes into STEM or something and helps the cause
  6. She is now drunk-stumbling around staring at her piece of chocolate like its her first since she got clean
  7. They drink a lot of water
  8. The dad and boys were watching a video of someone in a car singing Justin Beiber's "Sorry"
    I walked past them and saw it
  9. Clearly I'm very bored. Please excuse my blatant admiration for a family I do not know