1. Left work an hour late
  2. Saw a @ucbcomedy show where they made fun of the 405 jumper but I didn't know who he was at the time
  3. Worked out in a gym where everyone was overly attractive
  4. Brunch (Part 1)
    Feat crab cake eggs Benedict
  5. Wore uncomfortable shoes at LACMA
    To look at depressing Weimar era paintings (who knew?)
  6. Found 4 fleas on my roommate's cats
    For the second time.
  7. Watched the Cubs play while waiting for a fancy reservation at STK in Westwood
  8. Ate a very fancy dinner
  9. Went to a musical that was not good
    Will not name the musical so as not to offend anyone
  10. Brunch (Part 2)
    Huevos rancheros
  11. Climbed a MOUNTAIN
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    It was 6.5 miles and bad ass. At one point we were sure we were going to die up there but we didn't.
  12. Watched the Cubs lose
  13. Walked my dad through ordering an uber at 5 this morning
    He ended up getting a cab because the uber app is not "intuitive."