A cynical list of things besides war, famine, hatred, prejudice, injustice, global warming, etc. etc.
  1. The word/concept "viral"
    Last I checked, viruses are not a good thing. We should be allowed to do stupid things without our future spouse seeing it in ten years.
  2. Couple names
    They always sound dirty, and yours will never sound as good as TomKat, KimYe, or Brangelina.
  3. Street cleaning days.
    Move to West Hollywood if you're at all curious about the hellishness of this phenomenon.
  4. Drought.
    I know this happens everywhere and it's a real thing, but I feel super guilty about taking a ten minute shower and I want to not feel that anymore.
  5. Poached eggs that aren't runny
    Life is too short
  6. Nostalgia for a time you don't remember
    I was born in '93. I don't have a ton of memories of the 90's. Someone who was born in '97 should have no memories of the 90's.
  7. Geico ads you can't skip because they are already over
    I have a constitutional right to skip your ad.
    Suggested by   @mitchward93