1. "Duck!" yelled Uncle Duck, adjusting his cotton duck pants, "A duck!"
  2. He sipped a draft of his beer and then worked on his draft about avoiding the draft while a cold Winter's draft whistled through a crack in the window.
  3. "Blast!" he shouted, while having a blast, but then heard the loud blast.
  4. I hope when you ship the model ship to me it arrives ship-shape.
  5. Molly mugged for the camera and I took a picture of her mug to print on a mug but then we got mugged.
  6. I asked my biology teacher about the class of a certain species while in class but he laughed at me because he has no class.
  7. Will you state for the record which record you are going to record?
  8. Will you run and check the print run to make sure the ink didn't run?
  9. Don't you bark at me about all the bark in this bark or we might capsize!
  10. Ah how Spring puts a spring in my step as flowers spring up near the bubbling spring.