The fuck there is a 💾 emoji and a 📻 emoji but no vinyl record emoji??
  1. I play records while I work. And it is a nice, meditative thing to rise up out of my desk chair every 20-30 minutes and flip the record over and/or put a record away and select a new one.
    It feels to me what I imagine it feels like to the character Mozart in the movie AMADEUS when he is composing on his billiard table and bounces a ball off the bumpers every few scribbles.
  2. I like to take records out of their sleeves and put them back in. I like the idea of "caring for my music". I like placing records onto the record player's platter and carefully dropping the needle onto them.
  3. I like the sound. I like the crackle and pop you hear on old records and the weird sounds that sometimes happen when you haven't cleaned the needle in a while and you end up listening to the sound that dust makes when scraped with sapphires or diamonds and amplified through speakers.
  4. I enjoy the silence in the time between when one side ends and I must rise up and go over to the milk crate of records to select something else to play.
    Versus the never-ending stream of Everything on a service like Spotify.
  5. I like thinking about whatever scientifical magic it is that turns lines carved onto a piece of plastic into beautiful music that floats out from the speakers and careens into my eardrums.
  6. I like how whenever I visit a new city, I want to hit the used record store and see what I might find.
    Same goes for when I happen upon a stack of records at a rummage sale, flea market or second hand shop. Or when I visit the house of a friend who also has records.
  7. I like all the cool thingies that come with LPs like the swoon-worthy photos of the Beatles that are included in The White Album.
  8. I like how I only have room and money for a finite number of records so I have to choose which ones I get wisely. And then, once I have them, I get to spend a bunch of time with each of them. I get to know them.
  9. I like that you cannot skip a track or fast-forward. Sure, some albums have "filler", (or tracks like "Revolution #9) but I enjoy the idea that I must listen to an album exactly as the artist intended, from beginning to end. And I get to think things like "Huh, I wonder why they ended side one with this track and not this other track?"
  10. I like watching the platter turn turn turn...