Thanks for the request, @TVAddict!
  1. I was born with an extra baby eye tooth
  2. I was born in Chicago on 3/3/73 at 3 o'clock
  3. Sometimes I drag race people on the highway in my Prius when I'm feeling aggressive
  4. I have never read Joyce's ULYSSES
    But wanna
  5. I like guacamole but not so much avocados
  6. I turned 30 on 03/03/03 at 3 o'clock
    I'd always wanted a big blowout party on this birthday but, at the time, had a colicky newborn so opted instead for "allowed to sleep through the night" and it was awesome
  7. My favorite spot in the whole world is a secret little wheat field near Muckross Lake in Ireland
  8. I have a big birthmark on my right buttock that I refer to as "King Pepper"
  9. I am a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  10. I'm a huge Nicholson Baker fan
    And own and offered it for free to Mr. Baker once upon a time and he said "Thanks, Chris, but I do not want a Web site!"