Part 2 of Infinity. Part 1 here: 25 THINGS I DON'T GET: PART 1
  1. Dishwasher rinse aid. The fucking water doesn't need your help, rinse aid!
  2. That "special" (dingy) red-colored carpet you get to walk on when you board a plane in first or business-class
  3. Long legal disclaimers at the end of emails. Anytime I get those, I immediately forward that email to 25 strangers.
  4. Tamper proof lids on things like bleach. Newsflash: bleach is already deadly poison, dick dawgs.
  5. Fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt. I want the fruit already mixed goddam in!
  6. Golfing. Yeah, let's hit this ball far away and then, when we actually find it, hit it AGAIN. While we drag around a 100 pound bag of sticks.
  7. How Redbull can be so popular and yet so disgusting
  8. Why they put WRONG WAY signs in the exact middle of divided highways
  9. Mr. Robot. I'm just so lost now. What is going on? Someone please make me a list that explains the plot. Like why do those two people speak German all the time?? And which characters are really there?? Oops spoilers.
  10. Waiting in line overnight to buy an Apple product. Listen: They are making 407 million of whatever it is you are waiting for. Relax. Go home. You will get one.
  11. Fabric softener
  12. When people use redundant acronyms like "ATM machine" or "PIN number" which make me LOL out loud
  13. Paper towels that are perforated in little strips instead of squares
  14. How women in the Middle East do not constantly overheat and die under those black burkas
  15. Why the sound in movie theaters is so loud and the thermostat is set to Absolute Zero
  16. Calling it "camping" when all you did was drove/towed a state-of-the-art mobile home with a full kitchen and a shower and a plasma TV in it into the woods and plugged it all in
  17. The scholarly introductions to most classic novels that spoil the whole fucking plot. PUT THOSE AT THE END DICKHEADS I HAVEN'T READ IT YET
  18. How amazon got a patent on "one-click ordering" and why other companies don't say "Fuck you, amazon, ours is one-depress ordering!"
  19. Why programming languages used to have weird technical-sounding names like FORTRAN and COBOL and C++ and now they all sound hip and/or edible like Groovy and Python and Ruby and Cocoa.
  20. Why isn't the interrobang a more popular piece of punctuation‽
  21. Candy Crush
  22. The Game of Thrones books or TV show
  23. Auto racing / watching 200 cars go 5,000 miles per hour in a circle
  24. Blurbs in books. Like anyone believes any of those people actually read the book they're blurbing
  25. The internet's fascination with and deification of kittens. Piglets are way cuter, see:
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