Part 4 of infinity. Part 3 here: 25 THINGS I DON'T GET: PART 3
  1. Why aren't there overwire bras for women who hang upside down a lot.
  2. Why we judge a coffeehouse barista not by their kindness or by the deliciousness of the drinks they make but by their ability to draw beautiful art in latte foam.
  3. Invisible tape. I can still see it.
  4. Everything at the grocery store that has the word "premium" on the package. I'd rather pay less and get the "regular" version. But no. Literally everything is "premium." Which means, in reality, that NONE of it is premium.
  5. When someone unwraps a present super carefully without ripping any paper so they can reuse the wrapping paper.
  6. The "Golden" Gate Bridge is painted an "International Orange" color.
  7. Why most social media apps make you "swipe down" to refresh a screen. Just KEEP IT ALWAYS THE FRESHEST SWIPER NO SWIPING
  8. Why, sometimes, at a four-way stop if two vehicles reach the intersection simultaneously, the vehicle on the left sometimes tries to go first. NO. The vehicle on the right always gets to go first!
    In America
  9. "Fountain" pens do not spray ink all over the place like a fountain.
  10. Why aren't there some really big batteries called DD. OR DDD. Like standard car batteries should be TT batteries. And Tesla batteries should be XXXs.
  11. Why not just call Q-Tips or cotton swabs "ear sticks" because that's basically the only thing anyone uses them for.
  12. Why we can't collectively agree that rounding the price up to $1 for everything that currently costs $.99 would be easier for everyone.
  13. How rubbing the magic lamp made the genie come out but turning the lamp upside down and shaking it vigorously did not.
  14. Why we list on List App, tweet on Twitter, pin on Pinterest and gram on Instagram but do not face on Facebook.
  15. Why we continue to let apes and primates survive considering they are such an embarrassing reminder of how foul we used to be.
  16. Rolls of toilet paper sold individually and wrapped in paper as if it is a fine, rare fromage blanc.
  17. There is no "beyond" at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is literally all overpriced soap.
  18. People who drive all the way to a shopping mall just to power walk around inside of it.
  19. So-called "double-sided tape." Technically, all strips of tape have six sides. What is different/relevant is how many of those six sides are STICKY.
  20. How hamsters ever survived in the wild where there are exactly zero naturally-occurring gravity-feed water bottles.
  21. Why some Christians wear miniature Christs on crosses around their neck. Surely there is a less gruesome, terrifying and violent way to celebrate the execution of The Prince of Peace.
  22. Why millions of people have soda and beer bottle cap collections but not one person collects like ibuprofen or Preparation H® bottle caps.
  23. There are queen beds and king beds but no jack or ace beds.
  24. Why you can't buy quantum mechanical pencils.
  25. So many forklifts but not one sporklift.