Because why not. It's Sunday and I'm in bed, sick. WARNING: Some of these are punny.
  1. Please run out and get me sushi for lunch, Dolorous.
  2. Some people like awry bread, but I prefer sourdough.
  3. When I'm nervous I fascinate the buttons on my shirt over and over.
  4. The Founding Fathers reconstituted what were previously British colonies.
  5. Don't throw candy wrappers on the ground at the park. That's so literal!
  6. It's super sexy when we compassion at the same time, Rupert!
  7. I think you're very pretty when you silverware, Paula.
  8. I found the remote control. It was understand.
  9. It's about to storm so I think it would be safest if the children income.
  10. Please don't drive in to work today if you're coffin.
  11. I want Fritos out of that vending machine, but they are indispensable.
  12. I like bare wood floors but my boyfriend prefers them rugged.
  13. Emma wants to dig up the field with oxen and a plow, but I'm protractor.
  14. Are the horses running free or are they append?
  15. I hope they aren't raisin prices.
  16. I would not carry as many drinks at once on that portray if I were you!
  17. Would you prefer an orange, a peach or aplomb?
  18. You didn't come in first place, but you still deserve atrophy in my book.
  19. I'm a Pisces, you're a Virgo and Gregarious.
  20. My suit of armor and two-handed sword were so expensive, I wish I could get a freelance.
  21. I thought we were almost there, but we still have sofa to go.
  22. You got a cocktail, Edna has wine and I'm beard.
  23. Sorry. I ate a bean burrito for lunch and now I'm a little aghast.
  24. The car's battery is dead. We'll need to revolt.
  25. I'm worried about our boss finding out we left work early. Do you think she sauce?