1. I ran guns with Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War
  2. You have to accept an EULA to be my friend
  3. I am half pterodactyl
  4. I have three feet on my left foot
  5. My heart is made of jade
  6. My mother is a famous pickpocket
  7. I can produce fire out of my ears
  8. I can type 45,000 words per minute
  9. I have a 1,500 IQ
  10. When I dream, stars and galaxies are created IRL
  11. I am very humble
  12. I make very few lists
  13. The best facts about me are opinions
  14. I have a 1:1 scale map of the United States tattooed on my back
  15. I drink gasoline milk shakes. Err, gas shakes.
  16. I eat infants on crackers as a snack
  17. I am Zeus
  18. I am Gallactus
  19. I am The Beyonder
  20. I am ten million feet tall
  21. I am not kidding