Do this:
  1. The next time you are over at a friend's place
  2. And that friend has a shelf with some books on it
  3. Wait until your friend is not in the room for a few minutes
  4. And find a pen and paper
  5. And scribble your friend a note:
    (Don't forget to sign your name and date it)
  6. A warm fuzzy
  7. A thought for the day
  8. A hope for the future
  9. A simple hello
  10. A doodle
  11. And pull one of their books off the shelf
  12. And slip the note wholly inside the pages of the book
  13. And replace the book exactly where you found it on the shelf
  14. And when your friend comes back into the room
  15. Act as if nothing has been hidden
  16. And there are no secrets
  17. And don't tell them about the note
  18. But leave it there
  19. Quietly
  20. Waiting
  21. A message in a bottle
  22. And when they eventually do find it
  23. And read it
  24. Whether it is days
  25. Or weeks
  26. Or months
  27. Or years later
  28. They will smile
  29. And think of you
  30. 📝📘