Thank Tesla there's a 🍌 emoji!
  1. When there are no bananafishermen out, trying to catch bananafish
  2. The seas aren't too rough and Seymour Glass and Sybil do not hit you with their raft
  3. There are plentiful bananas in the ocean
  4. The bananaholes are tall and wide so you don't get stuck coming out after you've gorged yourself on the bananas within
  5. OR
  6. You aren't too gluttonous and don't eat so many bananas in the bananahole that you become too fat to fit back out of the bananahole and thus die in the bananahole
  8. The bananas are floating freely and not in bananaholes so gorge on as many bananas as you want and get as fat and wide as you want you aren't getting stuck anywhere!
  9. 🍌🐟