Why i am an Atheist:
  1. It is clear from my reading and study of world literature that most of our creation myths all branch from the same stories created by humans to explain their world/calm their fears of the unknown
  2. I believe in science/things you can prove/things that are supported by evidence
  3. I was not raised to believe in anything
    Though my Polish Catholic grandma used to take us to church on Easter to have our kielbasa blessed
  4. Because I hope to Tesla that after I die, that's it
    I don't want infinite Heaven or infinite Hell. Both sound simply awful.
  5. I believe in the insignificance of humans on a universal levels
    The universe is huge and very old. Humanity is young and microscopic. We hold no privileged position in the universe. But that's okay.
  6. The meaning of life for an Atheist is very immediate and urgent
    You have one shot at life. Make the most of it.
  7. I am still very interested in religion/religious stories from a literary/historical point of view
    It is a significant part of much of humanity and is interesting to think about how it connects us.
  8. I like the idea that I am in charge of my own destiny
    And that I'm not a puppet to a higher power or predestination. It's all up to me. I have the power.
  9. Life is already so much about bullshit and lies we're all complicit in
    So it's nice to acknowledge and accept the fiction of God.
  10. I have more free time since I don't go to church/synagogue/temple
  11. But I totes respect what you believe :)