I think this is all the ways
  1. On television
  2. In a movie theater
  3. At a drive-in movie theater
  4. On a reel-to-reel projector at school
  5. Projected onto my brain by my brain during a dream
  6. On an CRT screen hanging from the ceiling of an aero-plane over the sea
  7. On a Betamax tape
  8. On a VHS tape
  9. On a CD-ROM inserted into a computer
  10. On a Laser Disc
  11. On a handheld television with an antenna on it
  12. Projected onto a bed sheet in a friend's back yard
  13. Wearing 3-D glasses at a 3-D movie theater
  14. On a DVD
  15. On a Blu-ray Disc
  16. Downloaded to a computer from the Internet
  17. On the screen of an iPhone
  18. Streamed from the Internet in real time
  19. On the screen of an iPad
  20. -
  21. What will be the next way, I wonder?? VR?