Because why not have List App Secret Santa ALL. YEAR. ROUND. 🎅🏻🎄🎁🎄🎅🏻
  1. January: List App Secret Re-Gift the Stuff You Got For List App Secret Santa That You Hated
  2. February: My List App Secret Valentine 💘
  3. March: List App It's @ChrisK's Birthday He's Turning 43 Everyone Send Him Five-Figure Amazon Gift Cards
  4. April: List App Secret Pay Someone Else's Federal Income Taxes
  5. May: List App Secret BYO-Sangria Cinco De Mayo Party in @gwcoffey's Back Yard
  6. June: List App Secret Everyone Send List App's IRL Grampa @BillNovak a Father's Day Present Because He Is a Very Nice Fellow
  7. July: List App Launch Secret Illegal Fireworks at The White House and Get Arrested But Write a List About Your Secret Service Interrogation
  8. August: List App God How Long Has It Been Since I Received a Present Summer Secret Santa
  9. September: List App Labor Day Bring a Piece of Meat and a Case of Beer and Let's Get Plastered Barbecuing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina
  10. October: List App One Year Anniversary Since the App Launched Meet You at the Top of the Empire State Building
  11. November: List App Thanksgiving Let's Get Toasty Warm Drinking Hard Cider and Then Take Turns Putting Two Secret List App Users In a Closet Together For Five Minutes So They Can Make Out
  12. December: Ho-Hum List App Secret Santa Again Been There Done That So Boring
  13. Thoughts?