1. Seinfeld
    Kramer comes over. Nothing happens.
  2. Friends
    Friends hang in an apartment
  3. M*A*S*H
    Korean war surgeons joke around
  4. The Sopranos
    Suburban mobster gets more powerful
  5. Breaking Bad
    Science teacher becomes drug kingpin
  6. The Wire
    Wire-tapping police in Baltimore
  7. Cheers
    Lovable losers in a bar
  8. Little House on the Prairie
    Frontier family. Nellie's a bitch.
  9. The Office (US)
    Disfunction in paper reseller office
  10. The Office (UK)
    Wankers in paper reseller office
  11. I Love Lucy
    Lucy and Ethel in trouble
  12. Mad Men
    Womanizing playboy develops ad campaigns
  13. Game of Thrones
    Show derivative of Tolkien fantasy
  14. Frasier
    Radio talkshow psychiatrist acts superior
  15. The Twilight Zone
    Science fiction stuff each episode
  16. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
    Is that your final answer?
  17. Jeopardy
    What is a game show?
  18. Silicon Valley
    Struggles to run tech startup
  19. All in the Family
    Bigot in an easy chair
  20. I Dream of Genie
    Astronaut has hot, wish-granting slave
  21. Baywatch
    Bosoms bouncing near the ocean
  22. Knight Rider
    Intelligent car and Baywatch guy
  23. Leave it to Beaver
    Norman Rockwell painting but IRL
  24. Suits
    New York lawyers lawyering constantly
  25. South Park
    Cartoon: offensive in every way
  26. The Simpsons
    There aren't enough words DOH
  27. Dallas
    Money-grubbing Texas oil family
  28. The Honeymooners
    Bus driver hatches crackpot schemes
  29. The Andy Griffith Show
    Likable sheriff in southern town
  30. Saturday Night Live
    Often not funny sketch comedy
  31. thirtysomething
    Suburban Philadelphian couples having issues
  32. ER
    Never-ending patients in Chicago hospital
  33. Law and Order
    Trials, punctuated by chime sound
  34. Sesame Street
    Puppets in an urban area
  35. The Cosby Show
    Black doctor played by rapist
  36. The X-Files
    FBI duo investigate paranormal stuff
  37. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    High school girl kills vampires
  38. Bonanza
    Horses, cowboys on big ranch
  39. Twin Peaks
    Nonsensical murder mystery in woods
  40. Star Trek
    Space ship explores the galaxy
  41. The Odd Couple
    Neat guy, messy guy, apartment
  42. Lost
    Every possible plot on island
  43. Mr. Robot
    Hacker hacks with dead father
  44. Orange is the New Black
    Mostly flashbacks in women's prison
  45. Family Ties
    Hippie parents. Self-focused children.
  46. The Brady Bunch
    Three sisters, three brothers, divorce
  47. Gilligan's Island
    Stranded on island with radio
  48. The Flintstones
    Dinosaurs, humans, anachronisms, Stone Age
  49. Doctor Who
    Time travel via phone booth
  50. The Golden Girls
    Four old ladies live together
  51. Downton Abbey
    Aristocrats and servants in mansion
  52. Happy Days
    Greaser, motorcycle, 50s, diner, heyyyyy
  53. The Muppet Show
    Puppets put on variety show
  54. The Walking Dead
    Always saving Carl from zombies
  55. Will & Grace
    Single woman. Gay best friend.
  56. House of Cards
    A psycho murderer becomes President
  57. Arrested Development
    Dysfunctional Bluth family sells bananas
  58. The West Wing
    Camera walking around White House