Following are the essential ingredients I try to add to each of my lists. The more of these points I can hit in one list, the better. Life is short, and we all have endless options for what to read. So I try to make every bullet point count.
  1. Surprise
    Can I say something you did not expect? Can I say something you have never heard before? Can I juxtapose ideas in a new way?
  2. Delight
    Can I share something that makes you smile? Makes you laugh? Makes your day more mirthful? Can I fire your imagination? Can I tell a good story? Can I fill you with wonder? Can I give you goosebumps?
  3. Information
    Can I tell you something you didn't already know? Can I impart some of my (limited) knowledge to you? Can I teach you something? Can I fire your neurons? Can I shed light into a dark place? Can I make you want to save what I've said for later?
  4. Engagement
    Can I inspire a suggestion? Can I inspire a Like? Can I inspire a comment? Can I inspire you to read a certain book? Can I make you want to respond from your heart or soul?
  5. Reflection
    Can I make you think? Can I make you peer into yourself? Can I make you ponder something you had not thought about before in a new way? Can I make you want to take a walk beneath the clouds and stars? Can I make you ask Why?
  6. Connection
    Can I tell you more about me? Can I learn more about you? Can I illuminate commonalities between us? Can I share our mutual humanity with you? Can we discuss our truths, fears, life events? Can we communicate?
  7. ⚫️➖