1. OKSandwich
    Like OKCupid but it matches up someone who is hungry for a sandwich with someone who has a sandwich.
  2. KittenMe
    Like Uber but instead of coming to pick you up and give you a ride somewhere they come and give you a kitten to play with for a while.
  3. OneOrTwo
    An app with a big yellow rectangle and a big brown rectangle and a rectangle that is half yellow and half brown that lets you post your bathroom visits to social media. Cc @gwcoffey.
  4. ListAppApp
    And app that can help you keep track of apps that help you make lists.
  5. GoGetIt
    Will go pick up something for you free of charge right away. Like it's 2 AM and you want a beef jerky and they go get you a beef jerky and bring it to you and unwrap it for you and you eat it.
  6. Off!
    When you are in a movie theater you bring this app up and press the big button and everyone else in the theater can't turn on their phones for three hours.
  7. Immortal
    As long as this app is running, you do not age.
  8. Worker
    When you turn this app on and lay your phone on your computer keyboard, the app does all your work for you all day while you take a nap.
  9. WhatToSay
    Every time you get into an argument with your significant other who is very crafty and good at arguing this app tells you what to say in your responses so you outwit them every time and win.
  10. Rhino
    Useful for calling rhinos to your current location. You turn on the app and the app makes a rhino call and any rhinos within 5 miles come a'runnin'.
  11. NeverLost
    Whenever you lose something, this app tells you where it is!
  12. Apple Someone Else Pay
    Lets you go to any store and pay for things using someone else's Apple Pay account. Legally.
  13. NoBook
    Social media where no one posts anything.
  14. Knitter
    Like Twitter, but where you are limited to 140 pieces of yarn.
  15. X-Ray
    Lets you use your phone camera to see the people around you without any clothing on.
  16. StepStoolSurfer
    Like CouchSurfer, but where you stay overnight at someone's place sitting on their small step stool.
  17. AirToiletAndToilet
    Like airbnb, but where you pay a small fee and you can pop into someone's place and use the bathroom.
  18. Instagramma
    Lets you put your grandmother on the Internet.
  19. SnailChat
    Lets you take pictures and send them to your friends and the pictures are stored for infinity days.
  20. WhoFarted
    Always knows who just farted.
  21. SNYPE
    Instantly contacts anyone anywhere and allows you to vent your frustrations and petty peeves about them
    Suggested by @fats