Post the name of an amazing cocktail you have tried and love along with a picture (if possible) and a link to a recipe. Or make a list about the recipe and post a link to that and tag me. This list will come in handy tonight! 🎉🕛
  1. Suggested by   @13spencer
  2. Plantation: gin, grapefruit juice, agave syrup, lime and basil.
    Suggested by   @katieginger
  3. Sgroppino : this saved our night (perfect between cheeses and dessert, to be able to put even more food in your mouth)
    Recipe but using my metric system. For around 6 glasses : 300 grams of lemon sorbet - 1/2 bottle of Prosecco - 10 cl of vodka - (plus some mint of you have some. We didn't and still perfect) : recipe being pretty simple you put all that in a big bowl, blend, and enjoy !
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  4. A delicious classic @ChrisK! I have a couple more recipes to post, but this one is ready now!
    Suggested by   @michele
  5. Fairy floss martini
    They are from a bar called Lil' Darlin... I don't usually like sweet cocktails but they use Persian rose fairy floss (cotton candy?)... It takes you back to childhood and after a couple, you may stat acting like one
    Suggested by   @helenab