So there's this little game I play with myself. I try to think of binaries—two things that are opposites. Or a balanced set of two. A yin and a yang. Or a very famous pair of things for which no third thing comes even close to the first two. And then I try to think of the third thing. What is right in the middle? Or something equally awesome?
  1. Maybe this still makes no sense to anyone but me. Here are some examples of binaries, to my mind. And after each binary is a third thing I came up with IN ALL CAPS. It is important that the binary is a perfect set of two and isn't missing anything as two things. But then you add the third thing and it is also a perfect ternary or trio, too!
  2. Mac. Windows. LINUX.
  3. John. Paul. GEORGE.
  4. Black. White. GRAY.
  5. Fork. Spoon. SPORK.
  6. Male. Female. HERMAPHRODITE.
  7. Hot. Cold. WARM.
  8. Left. Right. CENTER.
  9. Axis. Allies. NEUTRAL.
  10. Happy. Sad. APATHETIC.
  11. Democrat. Republican. INDEPENDENT.
  12. Coach. First Class. BUSINESS CLASS.
  13. We are NOT looking for perfect sets of three. No Earth, wind and fire. No red, white and blue. No hop, skip and jump.
  14. Anyway, if you've gotten this far, here are some binaries that I have not found the third thing for yet. Help me? Or come up with other binaries and their third things:
  15. Paper. Plastic. _______
  16. Cash. Credit. ________
  17. Swallow. Spit. ________
  18. Catch (a fish). Release. __________
  19. Stream it. Download it. __________
  20. Beatles. Stones. ___________
  21. Rent. Own. __________
  22. Chicken. Egg. ____________
  23. Printing. Cursive. ___________
  24. Addition. Subtraction. __________
  25. Good. Evil. ____________
  26. Capitalism. Communism. _____________
  27. Dead. Alive. ___________
  28. War. Peace. __________
  29. Fact. Fiction. ________
  30. Cat people. Dog people. ________
  31. New York. LA. ___________
  32. Peanut butter. Jelly. _________
  33. Coke. Pepsi. _________
  34. Neat. On the rocks. ________
  35. Hemingway. Fitzgerald. __________
  36. Jedi. Sith. _______
  37. King. Queen. ______
  38. Still. Seltzer. _______
  39. Beans. Rice. ________
  40. Hall. Oates. ________
  41. Coffee. Tea. _______
  42. Jake. Elwood. _______