Ingredients courtesy of @mlb
  1. Get a rocks glass.
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  2. Put a maraschino cherry in it.
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  3. Cut a thick slice or orange. Put a half of that slice in the glass.
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  4. Put in a teaspoon of sugar.
  5. Put in a dash of bitters.
  6. Muddle the orange and cherry in the bitters a little bit.
  7. Add ice.
  8. Fill glass 1/2 way with brandy.
  9. Fill the rest with club soda or lemon-lime soda (or both), depending on how sweet you want it.
  10. Stir.
  11. Dance a little jig.
  12. Now you have a yum. Make one for your pal.
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  13. Drink several and watch The Blues Brothers with the pal.
  14. Miss Wisconsin just a little bit.
  15. 🍸🍹