It's the worst word ever. Examples:
  1. I love you, but I have to leave you.
  2. Thanks for asking, but, no, I'm not pregnant.
  3. Thanks. I'd tell Uncle Rupert you said "hello!", but he was just gored to death by a bull.
  4. I'd enjoy a slice of carrot cake, but I'm diabetic.
  5. Your new suit looks great, but your fly is down.
  6. Thank you for calling, but all operators are currently busy helping other callers.
  7. Thanks for the invite to your corn hole party, but I'm busy that afternoon.
  8. Your transit card is still valid, but you just missed the last train.
  9. You are a very qualified candidate, but the cupcake baker position has been filled.
  10. You would like to continue your journey along The Oregon Trail, but you have died of dysentery.
  11. We appreciate your many years of service to Evil Corp., but we're going to have to let you go.
  12. I know you were saving those plums in the icebox for lunch, but I have eaten them. They were delicious. So sweet and so cold.
  13. Hopefully, this is a worthy submission to "Draft Week", @john. But if not, I understand.
  14. This was sitting in my Drafts folder forever because I thought it wasn't that amazing. But maybe it is! But maybe it isn't.
  15. But.