We had a List App meetup in Carrboro, North Carolina USA last night. It was so amazing meeting everyone in person. Only I could make it.
  1. First we all met in my room, in my pants, and I quietly read Wuthering Heights
  2. Then I texted @mlb to get an update on her freshly-gingered hair
  3. As the evening went on, I drank a little too much filtered water
  4. At one point everyone was feeling crazy and put on body lotion OMG
  5. Later, people left and I went to bed. Well I mean I was already in bed the whole time. I just turned out the light and went to sleep. And by "people" I mean "no one." And by "Later" I mean "9:30 pm." But anyway it was great to finally put @ChrisK's name to a face!