See what I did there?
  1. Private Pyle
    From Full Metal Jacket
  2. Airman Higgs
    From comic books
  3. Seaman Jones
    From The Hunt For Red October
  4. Corporal Klinger
    From M*A*S*H
  5. Sergeant Hulka
    From Stripes
  6. Special Agent Cooper
    From Twin Peaks
  7. Master Chief
    From Halo
  8. Ensign Crusher
    From Star Trek
  9. Lieutenant "Maverick"
    From Top Gun
  10. Commander Riker
    From Star Trek
  11. Captain Crunch
    From cereal
  12. Commodore Kaestner
    From Boardwalk Empire
  13. Major Major Major Major
    From Catch-22
  14. Colonel Sanders
    From chicken
  15. General Zod
    From Superman
  16. Admiral Akbar
    From Return of the Jedi
  17. Emperor Palpatine
    From Star Wars
  18. Cobra Kai sensei Kreese
    Karate kid
    Suggested by @douglasjsellers
  19. President Thomas J. Whitnore
    From Independence Day (added bonus he was a fighter pilot)
    Suggested by @donnie