I won't play if I don't get the car. IM SERIOUS
  1. Car 🚗
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    The best piece ever VROOOOM
  2. Battleship 🚢
    Cool lookin' lil ship
  3. Horse-rider 🐴
  4. Top hat 🎩
  5. Shoe 👞
    Too depressing
  6. Scottish terrier 🐶
    Too cute
  7. Thimble ⭕️
    Too much like a boring, real-life object
  8. Wheelbarrow 🚜
  9. Iron ♨️
    The fuck. An iron? How is that fun?
  10. Howitzer 🔫
    I can't remember one time where I played Monopoly and someone chose the fucking howitzer. WHY IS THERE A HOWITZER*
  11. --
  12. *The first person to explain to me why there really was a howitzer gets a gold star**
  13. ** By "gold star" I of course mean "shit sandwich."