One idea (written by yours truly) may be found here:
  1. If we had the Constitution (or whatever the founding document in your country is called) to do over again in 2015, how would we write it?
  2. What language would we use?
  3. What parts of the current Constitution would we keep?
  4. What parts would we throw out?
  5. How would we organize it?
    Surely human rights should bot be "amendments."
  6. What case law that came out since our current Constitution was drafted would we add (like Miranda rights or judicial review)?
  7. Which amendments (which have been proposed over the years but never approved) would we include?
  8. How would we be allowed to change it over time?
  9. How would we make it fit with our life and times in 2015 (and beyond)?
  10. What kind of country do we want to be?
  11. What are your thoughts? Suggest away! ➕➕