Inspired in part by @mlb. A "curiosity bone" is having sex with someone just to see what it's like regardless of whether you are attracted to him/her/it.
  1. Mr. Peanut
    Yeeeeah, buddy
  2. Aunt Jemima
    Mmmmm your sweet syrup
  3. The MGM Lion
    Open up
  4. The Michelin Man
    Like a living condom
  5. The Noid
    Mmmmmm your pepperoni
  6. Little Debbie
    But only after she turns 18
  7. Tony the Tiger
    Grrrrrrrreat (in bed)!!
  8. Lucky
    I want your lucky charms
  9. The Trix Rabbit
    Turning my bed
  10. Cap'n Crunch
    Always hard
  11. The Geiko Gecko
    He looks flexible
  12. The C from Chewy Granola bars
    Chew my granola bar yeahhh
  13. The twitter bird
  14. The Camel cigarettes camel
    Hump me
  15. Kool-Aid man
    Oh yeaaaaah!
  16. Grimace
    A happy meal in my pants
  17. Wendy
    HERE'S the beef
  18. The Quaker Oats Quaker
    Stone cut? I hope he's UNCUT OMG
  19. Jeeves
    Does Jeeves want to have sex with me?
  20. The Starbucks mermaid
    Leave room for cream, baby
  21. Keebler Elf
  22. Hamburger Helper hand
    Hand JOB
  23. Green giant the pants
  24. Brawny Man
    Thirsty O's
    Suggested by   @jujujerni
  25. The Wal-Mart smiley
    Always low hanging manliness
  26. Mr Clean
    rockin bod, pirate earring, good hygiene
    Suggested by   @lindsinger
  27. Tucan sam... Follow your nose! To my genitals!
    Suggested by   @itsHannah
  28. Smokey the bear
    Protecting wood from fire
    Suggested by   @joshbard
  29. The Western Exterminator man- he's well dressed and that mallet seems like an invitation for some kinky activity
    Suggested by   @shirleykurata
  30. Mr. Owl
    Suggested by   @evanp
  31. KFC's Colonel Sanders
    Suggested by   @LoveSpreaderMama