Inspired in part by @mlb. A "curiosity bone" is having sex with someone just to see what it's like regardless of whether you are attracted to him/her/it.
  1. Mr. Peanut
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    Yeeeeah, buddy
  2. Aunt Jemima
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    Mmmmm your sweet syrup
  3. The MGM Lion
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    Open up
  4. The Michelin Man
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    Like a living condom
  5. The Noid
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    Mmmmmm your pepperoni
  6. Little Debbie
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    But only after she turns 18
  7. Tony the Tiger
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    Grrrrrrrreat (in bed)!!
  8. Lucky
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    I want your lucky charms
  9. The Trix Rabbit
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    Turning my bed
  10. Cap'n Crunch
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    Always hard
  11. The Geiko Gecko
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    He looks flexible
  12. The C from Chewy Granola bars
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    Chew my granola bar yeahhh
  13. The twitter bird
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  14. The Camel cigarettes camel
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    Hump me
  15. Kool-Aid man
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    Oh yeaaaaah!
  16. Grimace
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    A happy meal in my pants
  17. Wendy
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    HERE'S the beef
  18. The Quaker Oats Quaker
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    Stone cut? I hope he's UNCUT OMG
  19. Jeeves
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    Does Jeeves want to have sex with me?
  20. The Starbucks mermaid
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    Leave room for cream, baby
  21. Keebler Elf
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  22. Hamburger Helper hand
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    Hand JOB
  23. Green giant
    452172fc 85f7 4a52 8116 479ef1838bc0 the pants
  24. Brawny Man
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    Thirsty O's
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  25. The Wal-Mart smiley
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    Always low hanging manliness
  26. Mr Clean
    096e7227 08f0 4b64 afed 167adb28c7b1
    rockin bod, pirate earring, good hygiene
    Suggested by @lindsinger
  27. Tucan sam... Follow your nose! To my genitals!
    Suggested by @itsHannah
  28. Smokey the bear
    Protecting wood from fire
    Suggested by @joshbard
  29. The Western Exterminator man- he's well dressed and that mallet seems like an invitation for some kinky activity
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    Suggested by @shirleykurata
  30. Mr. Owl
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    Suggested by @evanp
  31. KFC's Colonel Sanders
    Suggested by @LoveSpreaderMama