I recommend mixing yourself a cocktail to drink while you read this. P. S. I majored in theatre arts in college.
  1. Zero dimension
    A point. No length, no width. No dimension at all. Just a theoretical idea of a position in a system.
  2. First dimension
    If you connect any two points together, you get a line. It has length but no width or depth.
  3. Second dimension
    If you draw another line crossing your first line, you now have an object with length and width that exists on a plane. No height. Think of a square drawn on a piece of paper that consists of four connected lines. Also, read Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott: http://bit.ly/1JPN88A
  4. Third dimension
    Like people. And everything else on Earth. Has length, width and depth. Like a cube. Or a sphere. Has volume.
  5. Fourth dimension*
    Time. Or duration. Either backwards along a particular "timeline" or forwards along a particular "timeline." Humans experience the 4th dimension only in the forward direction. Read Slaughterhouse Five and read the Tralfamadorian description of a human life and how it looks like a fetus at one end and an old dead body at the other end. The Arrow of Time.
  6. Fifth Dimension
    The dimension of possibilities. See "Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation." As we travel through time, it feels like a straight arrow. But really at any given moment due to choice or chance there are nearly infinite possibilities available to us. Call that girl. Don't call her. Lick her. Does this look like the cup of a carpenter? Or is it this one. These are all choices available in the 5th dimension. But humans don't get a "do over." Choose wisely.
  7. Sixth Dimension
    In this dimension, all the possibilities exist simultaneously. In one "phase space", Jimmy Hoffa went missing. In another he died of old age. In another, he is President of the United States.
  8. Seventh Dimension
    Multiple universes. Multiple everythings. Our universe contains all matter and all possible timelines (all of Everthing) starting from our own "Big Bang." But consider an infinite number of other universes (other, infinite "everythings") that started from...something else. A Big Scream. A Big Party. A Small Bang. All these possible universes live in the seventh dimension.
  9. Eighth Dimension
    In the 7th dimension, all the universes have the same basic physical reality. Physics. Thermodynamics. Gravity. Friction. Chemistry. Mathematics. But in the 8th dimension, each instance of an infinite number of universes has different physical reality. Maybe in one there is no gravity. Or no heat. Or double gravity.
  10. Ninth Dimension
    This is where you probably feel the need to start drinking heavily. I know I am. I just poured myself a second large gin and tonic. So. Now imagine everything in the 8th dimension as a single point. That is, something within which is contained every possible universe with every possible physical reality. Buuuuttt...what if there are other "somethings" that we can't even imagine. Well all of these sets of "possible somethings" exist together in the 9th dimension. DRINK.
  11. Tenth Dimension
    Yeah. This is where it ends. We're at infinite infinities and non-infinities. Because what if there are an infinite number of sets of somethings? Or what if there are also infinite Nothings to go along with the Somethings? Well, if so, they exist in the 10th dimension. And now we are all drunk.
  12. *Fourth spatial dimension
    In geometry, some super smart mo-fos came up with a 4th spatial dimension. So imagine cubing a cube. Or is it squaring a cube? Who the fuck knows. But what you end up with is a 4th spatial direction. Length, width, height and..? Let's call the 4th direction "Gandalf." Why not? So you end up with a so-called "tesseract." (Or "hypercube" if you are bad-ass) See http://bit.ly/1dMG4ev Also read A Wrinkle In Time where Mrs Whatsit & Co. use a fucking tesseract to travel through time.