All of these have happened to me
  1. When you go to squirt ketchup on your burger and squirt that gross, reddish ketchup-tinted water on your burger instead
  2. When you make pancakes and then realize there is no syrup, butter or jam
  3. When you bite into a piping hot calzone and a puff of steam gives the tip of your nose a first-degree burn
  4. When you get out the slice of key lime pie you took home from a restaurant the night before and take a big bite and swallow it and THEN realize the crust of the pie is coated in mold
  5. When you get a funnel cake at the state fair and then the funnel cake slides right off the greasy paper plate into a muddy puddle before you even have one bite
  6. When you go to steam some broccoli but realize that for some reason you bought an avocado instead
  7. When you cut a bite of pork chop with your knife and fork but then forget which hand your fork is in and stab yourself in the tongue with a steak knife
  8. When you order a quad, decaf, Grande, iced Americano at the Starbucks drive-thru, drive back onto the highway and only then realize they gave you a Grande, acai berry, sweet, red tea (and a scone) instead.
  9. When you are roasting a marshmallow over an open fire and accidentally get your marshmallow all covered in soot and ash
  10. When you spill spaghetti sauce on your white dress shirt and try to wipe it off but don't realize your napkin is also covered in spaghetti sauce so you just make it way, way worse.
  11. 🍲😞