List written in a plane at 32,644 feet ✈️
  1. Waiters, when they bring your salad with the boysenberry vinaigrette dressing not on the side after you most certainly ordered honey-balsamic vinaigrette on the side
  2. Flight attendants, when they forget to bring your blanket on a very cold flight and don't seem sorry about it and then promptly run out of blankets
  3. People at the ticket counter even when it is so crowded, you will surely miss your flight and not be in time for your sister's graduation ceremony
  4. Your mom, when she guilts you for not calling her like you promised so she can bitch at you about her irritable-bowel-syndrome and how her sex life is only so-so these days
  5. Your ex, when they text you out of the blue on a Friday night and ask if you'd like to "bone in the bone yard Wanna im LONELY??"
  6. People at the customer service counter at Super Target® after you have waited in line for a very long time to return your set of 24 neon, artificial ice cubes
  7. Telemarketers who call during dinner to ask if you are interested in new vinyl siding for your household and which color vinyl siding is your favorite color of the following eighteen choices...
  8. Your teenage daughter after she flips you the bird for not allowing her more screen time so she can watch more Ze Frank "True Facts" videos
  9. The barista who does not smile when you order your eye-opener with skim and does not smile when they make your eye-opener with skim and does not smile when they serve you your eye-opener with whole milk, even after it is not in a to-go cup like you'd asked
  10. Anyone at any time because that is not the kindest choice you can make
  11. Be nice