I actually had all of these dreams. I guess you remember the ones that made the biggest impression or that you yearn for the most?
  1. The one where I spent what feels like actual months and months working on The Great American Novel and it is brilliant and breath-taking and beautiful and when I read it aloud to myself in the dream, I could not believe the words came from my own hand. But then I woke up and all of it...the characters, the plot...the entire book, slipped away.
  2. The one where I had the ability to fly and somehow thought this meant I was Superman with all his invincible Superman-y powers so I sailed in and stopped a bullet with my body to save a girl I had a crush on in junior high (that didn't like me back) and immediately fell to the ground, mortally wounded. But the girl cradled my head and told me she
    loved me and then, as I died, she cried and a single tear plopped down onto my nose.
  3. The one that was like The Prince and the Pauper (well sort of) and I somehow found out that this really handsome, rich, witty, tall, important kid in my high school had been switched with me at birth. So we each spent a month trying out our "real" homes and "real" parents and I loved my new family so much I never wanted to return to my icky family.
  4. The one where I could stop time for everything in the universe except myself (like in Nicholson Baker's THE FERMATA) and I used the power to steal amazing antiquarian books from used bookstores that I could never ever afford to buy.
  5. The one where my bed floated around like a flying magic carpet and I had adventures throughout the neighborhood at night just like Little Nemo in Slumberland.
  6. The one where I rolled down the hill and my black mask came off and I shouted "ASSSSSS YOUUUUU WISSSHHHHHH!" and when I got to the bottom of the misty, green valley, I checked to see if Buttercup was okay and then I kissed her.
  7. The one where I was a friend of Prince Hamlet's (I think my name was "Kubiccio") and I told him about the poison sword and poison goblet and helped him outwit everyone and kill all the bad people but stay alive himself and then afterward we went on a roadtrip together (on horseback) across Scandinavia.
  8. The one where the crappy little ranch house I grew up in had a secret sub-basement that only I knew about and I turned it into my own, private video arcade. And I showed it to a girl I had a crush on and then we made out on top of a pinball machine.