1. I need to fill a cultural hole.
  2. I know almost nothing about current or classic rap and hip-hop music, but when people play me stuff, I often love it.
  3. So if I was gonna download/listen to a rap or hip-hop album, which classic albums/tracks should I try?
  4. I don't even know who the main artists of the past decade are. Is Kanye one? I know. I am very embarrassed about my ignorance on this.
  5. I don't even know if it is called "rap" music nowadays.
  6. All I have on my iPhone is one Beastie Boys song and a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince album. Please don't unfollow me for disclosing this. Feel free to LOL, though.
  7. One thing about me: I love jumping into rabbit holes and immersing myself in a chunk of culture. Five years ago it was Dylan. By the time I die, I want to experience ALL THE THINGS