Last week I went to the Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars exhibit at The Morgan Library in NYC: If you can, go! It runs through 1/31/2016. It's breathtaking. Here are some of the reasons among many I think you should go:
  1. First of all, The Morgan is just an amazing place to visit no matter WHATEVER is on. Rare books FTW.
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  2. There's a Matisse book arts exhibit on now, too, which also is spectacular.
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  4. They have some of Hemingway's books from his own library. And he wrote in books he read. And his annotations are hilarious. Like here in an Irwin Shaw book (a man EH hated), Papa wrote "This is the part I will break his jaw for."
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  5. More annotations...
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  6. There are many originals of letters to Papa's friends and relations.
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  7. A copy of Papa's yearbook: "None are to be found more clever than Ernie"
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  8. At the end of WWI, Papa fell for a hot cougar nurse that had cared for him in a hospital...they got engaged, but she called it off. She had felt like more of a mother to him. Ew ew.
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  9. This is the first handwritten appearance of Nick Adams!
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  11. Wounded WWI Papa in a hospital bed
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  12. They have Papa's passport
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  13. Handsome fella!
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  14. This Hemingway "Cahier" notebook literally made little notebooks like Moleskines a billion dollar industry
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  15. And this notebook...
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  16. You get to see cool little writer details, like how Papa sometimes used little Xs as periods...
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  17. (From his famous short story, "Big Two-Hearted River")
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  18. Apparently later in life after Papa and F. Scott Fitzgerald were no longer friends (and Papa was kind of old and paranoid and grouchy), Papa went back through their old letters and wrote snide remarks on them like this one.
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  19. This is a reading list Papa made for a young writer who came to visit papa once. @LISTSOFNOTE listed about this here Books You Ought to Read, by Ernest Hemingway (1934) but THIS IS THE ORIGINAL
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  21. Anyway, those are all the pictures I took before being told there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED. Oopsie.
  22. There were many more wonderful things... First editions. First drafts of stories and novels. Letters. Photos. Memorabilia.
  23. I highly recommend seeing this.
  24. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️