1. Goodnight, my kitten.
    Ernest Hemingway
  2. I've had eighteen straight whiskeys...I think that's the record.
    Dylan Thomas
  3. Let us go in; the fog is rising.
    Emily Dickenson
  4. Moose...Indian...
    Henry David Thoreau
  5. Good bye. If we meet—
    Mark Twain
  6. I haven't had champagne in a long time.
    Anton Chekhov
  7. Relax—It won't hurt.
    Hunter S. Thompson (from a suicide note penned before he shot himself in the head)
  8. [I want] nothing but death.
    Jane Austen
  9. On the contrary!
    Henrik Ibsen (replying to a nurse who had just said he was looking healthier)
  10. Does nobody understand?
    James Joyce
  11. Either this wallpaper goes or I do.
    Oscar Wilde (according to some observers)
  12. Put that bloody cigarette out.
    Saki (H. H. Munro). Just before being shot by a sniper during WWI.
  13. Kill me, or else you are a murderer!
    Franz Kafka
  14. Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who have not said enough!
    Karl Marx
  15. Listen to yourself and in that quitude you might hear the voice of God.
    Maya Angelou (this was her final tweet)