Or recent favorites anyway. Which are your faves and why?
  1. Dimple
    http://bit.ly/1Mygwxz - one night, I drunkenly uploaded a picture of myself as the example for "male dimple". Can you find me in the history?
  2. Tarrare
    http://bit.ly/1EEnY53 - Mostly because of the phrase "fetid beyond all conception" cc @gwcoffey
  3. Encyclopædia Britannica
  4. Chris Kubica
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    This page only existed for a few hours (but then was marked for deletion for my lack of notability). My daughter, Izzie (age 11) made it and posted it about me as a surprise. And I love her for it.
  5. Kittens
    http://bit.ly/1GkLBmK - The first paragraph was clearly written by someone who is 10. Plus the pics are adorbs.
  6. Sex position
    http://bit.ly/1GkMbRz - because nothing sounds less sexy than sex as described in the first paragraph.
  7. Fart
    http://bit.ly/1HDcbtB - pretty much every part of this article makes me LOL
  8. Flatulance
    http://bit.ly/1L6Yl4W "'Breaking wind' redirects here" haha I am eight years old.
  9. Wikipedia
    http://bit.ly/1B9XnSm because it is self-referential
  10. The Lexicon of Comicana
    http://bit.ly/1GkMTyh because therein I learned the word "grawlixes"
  11. Time travel science fiction
    http://bit.ly/1Myj9j3 - because it's a pretty comprehensive list
  12. List of fictional books
    http://bit.ly/1B9YktF - because I'm fascinated by books within books
  13. Religion
    http://bit.ly/1HDfReQ - because it highlights the politics/agendas/subjectivity of Wikipedia articles and editors. Like, for me, the first sentence of this article should mention how religion was invented by humanity to explain their terrifying world but...it doesn't.
  14. Montauk Monster
    http://bit.ly/1C4zVAy - because I've been on Plum Island and it's so much more boring than people think. And they aren't inventing animals.
  15. Poop
    http://bit.ly/1HDgJQD because of "including synonyms 'crap' and 'shit'"
  16. Interrobang ‽
    http://bit.ly/1HDh85C because more people need to know about this amazing, underutilized punctuation mark