The very first and very latest issues of many popular English-language magazines
  1. @TIME then
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  2. @TIME now
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  8. @mentalfloss meow. Er, now.
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  9. Mad then
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  10. Mad now
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  11. Reader's Digest then
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  12. Reader's Digest now
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  13. @NatGeo then
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  15. @WIRED then
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  16. @WIRED now
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  17. Sports Illustrated then
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  18. Sports Illustrated now
    D376f7c5 df2e 4967 b18f ff34735fd5ae
  19. Rolling Stone then
    1ad8d5c9 b17b 4d66 bbdc e502d273478d
  20. Rolling Stone now
    C11637ea 31ea 4727 9e1f 1b69a5187a55
  21. Harper's Monthly then
    72eada28 6242 4948 a735 7024071daa61
  22. Harper's now
    A50cc334 7003 47aa befa 69c4583e0e72
  23. Popular Science Monthly then
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  25. The Economist then
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  26. The Economist now
    0ffcff5d 8edc 4023 81bc 5395ce05848e
  27. The Atlantic Monthly then
    C69aa45d ccd3 4dbf aeee 7d6971b212e6
  28. The Atlantic now
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  29. @Vogue then
    B6420bb0 47c7 4e7a a5b6 e7bfc8cf4d3b
  30. @Vogue now
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