I'll send out List App Secret Santa emails in the morning. But you guys are HILARIOUS. On the signup form, I asked "Are there any kinds of gifts that you can not have or do not want?" in case people had allergies, etc. And the following is just a sampling of how y'all answered that question. All real. All unedited (except for length).
  1. Your first gift is not judging me for still using Hotmail. Also, no walnuts.
  2. Anything thats alive, smells bad, anything with eggs Im allergic to eggs.
  3. grapefruit. Yuck.
  4. I'm highly allergic to dogs.
  5. No puppies
  6. Allergic to eggplant, though struggling to think why that would even come up.
  7. Nothing fur (it creeps me out)
  8. Nope, I like everything!
  9. Anything that I have to take care of to survive, I can barely keep myself alive let alone a plant/pet rock/sea monkeys
  10. I'm vegan
  11. NRA membership, a copy of Dianetics, religious stuff
  12. I'm not a prude so anything sounds great!
  13. I don't like milk?
  14. Nothing alcoholic or creepy
  15. Green apple jolly ranchers
  16. potpourri
  17. Probably nothing R-rated
  18. No religious stuff, baked goods
  19. Nothing religious, allergic to cherries
  20. i don't eat meat. Also I have a lot of mugs? But like if it's a cool mug it's OK.
  21. Anything smelly or sticky or greasy
  22. Nothing NSFW or dangerous, I guess? Kids in the house. Otherwise open to surprises.
  23. No alcohol and I also don't like very many fruits so steer clear of that
  24. No alcohol (under 21), no earrings (allergic), no pistachios (GROSS!)
  25. prefer non-food, non-political, non-religious, non-explosive, non-xrated
  26. Allergic to mushrooms, not a fan of chocolate
  27. No alcohol, no food, no nude things!
  28. I have like a zillion allergies, so no food please!! Especially nuts! 😵💀
  29. Just happy to participate
  30. I do not like cats and am also allergic to them. Do not send me cats.
  31. I can't eat cranberries. Anything else is fine! :)
  32. I love all presents
  33. I don't like chocolate, can't have alcohol bc 20
  34. lavender, in any form
  35. I'm allergic to avocados
  36. Hun, whatever you send my way, I will be ready.🍾
  37. Hate olives and horseradish. Can't think of any other restrictions!
  38. Nothing big cause I live in a small apartment filled with too many stuff
  39. I want it all!
  40. No alcohol, or horror movies or anything with skulls or demons. No vampire books or witchcraft things. Basically nothing creepy
  41. I hate birds. So none of them. Otherwise, I'm pretty open.
  42. No alcohol, unless it had a super sweet label design or you're cool with regifting.
  43. Nothing mango or passion fruit flavored, please
  44. Ummmm I'm a vegetarian?! So none of those bacon flavored things?? Are those still trendy??
  45. No sex toys or anything I'd be squeamish about opening at my parents'.
  46. Don't like seafood so maybe no smoked herring or anything like that
  47. I'm very allergic to cats. Don't get me a cat. I will love the cat and not want to send it back but it will also be slowly killing me, but I'll have already named it, and all bets will be off.
  48. Nope--it all sounds great to me. FUN FUN FUN THANKS CHRIS!
  49. Dolls
  50. Nothing lizard related
  51. Nothing girly please
  52. I can't deal with beauty stuff, caffeine or alcohol.
  53. Would rather not have jewelry
  54. Perishables, alcohol, picture frames, anything that needs to be on a desk
  55. I don't eat meat, although I don't know why anyone would send meat. Other than that I'm up for anything.
  56. I don't want coal!!!!!!
  57. I want everything mostly puppies. I'm allergic to chocolate but also like living dangerously so send WHATEVER esp. if it's edible (or puppies.)
  58. No walnuts or pecans, please. I'm allergic. Also no poison or anything that will kill or brutally harm me.
  59. No alcohol or creepy stuff!
  60. No alcohol or inappropriate gifts.
  61. Drugs and booze preferred.
  62. Murder.
  63. no alcohol; no meat; no Jesus stuff
  64. If you're outside the US and send me "Black" brand cigarettes I will love you forever! 🙌🏾
  65. No underwear :)
  66. No tobacco products please! Other than that, I'm good 👍🏼
  67. Don't want alcohol, a movie, or any sort of creepy thing // vampire/zombie etc etc related. -- thanks you!!:))
  68. Avocados, anything creepy
  69. nothing weird or pervy. Also don't kill me.
  70. I am open to anything except for meat, so no bacon jam or anything like that. Otherwise open and excited!
  71. I don't want a gift from a psychopath? :D? Thank you!!
  72. I'm only 19. Alcohol would be accepted, but frowned upon, more than likely.
  73. Print books
  74. Please nothing that will die without proper maintenance (plants, puppies, etc)
  75. I hate ketchup and pickles
  76. Illegal things or live animals
  77. No cilantro
  78. Anything cat related
  79. No. Fucking. Celery.