I added a few. Add yours. What do you hope changes when your next President/Prime Minister gets elected, whoever it may be? Also: have a debate with each other in the comments ⬇️
  1. There should be cheaper healthcare
  2. There should be less guns
  3. The government should not be allowed to spend money it does not have (aka have a balanced budget)
  4. The government should stay OUT of my uterus
    Let me consult with my doctor for all things concerning my reproductive health! No more legislation regarding my body!!
    Suggested by @ijeoma
  5. Just use science to make things better please.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  6. But, really, guys. Less guns.
    Suggested by @erikaaa
  7. Gimme all the refugees!!!
    Suggested by @hannazoeo
  8. College education needs to be affordable! Please figure out a way to manage student debt relief and also create a cap on how much tuition can cost.
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  9. Please pass The FAMILY Act ASAP to provide paid health and family leave to workers!
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  10. Audit suspicious "religious" organizations
    Taxing large religious organizations is a slippery slope. We need to reclassify those organizations which are actually for-profit and dangerous and completely not helpful. I.E. Scientology, Televangelist "churches", etc. There is virtually no auditing of religious exemption status organizations... Other large religious organizations shouldn't feel threatened, I.E. Salvation Army, UMC, and especially non-Christian organizations that have threats coming from all directions.
    Suggested by @wmf
  11. Somehow spend less on military/defense
    I know we need to protect ourselves and I have no idea how it could be implemented...but we spend such an inordinate amount of $$ on military spending in the US that it seems like at least a small portion of it could be used for so many other things to help people
    Suggested by @deb
  12. Our criminal justice system is corrupt and we need to:
    1. Stop police brutality 2. Stop sending non violent offenders to prison (65,000k a year for an average prisoner which is more than rehabilitation) 3. Kill off the old conservative judges (jk😅but not really) BUT we need judges that are forward thinking and open minded because this is not the same country it used to be and laws should be interpreted to match current times. 4. Legalize marijuana because everyone's doing it anyway and we are wasting money with arrests and fines ect.
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  13. Pizza Fridays.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo