Based on super close-up pictures of stuff from my house. Reference the number in your guess!
  1. This thing
    15ef7725 fd68 438c 9cca 458918a8b180
  2. This
    C7bb7fe6 7249 4176 b28b 148a3b9e972f
  3. And this
    2068808e e2df 4653 aead 233b54a65caa
  4. Or this
    7aecf864 d395 4008 93df 7d730e2e2566
  5. How about this
    76c0cc31 43e6 4f96 9ea9 d567c2a6d780
  6. Well?
    558c0830 a93f 40ac 978a 7e9ef53e180c
  7. And this other thing
    27d4125d 68da 4a98 b876 7b3bd5fa62e7
  8. That
    1724f271 d44f 45eb b1a1 6166c74a3c78
  9. These
    Dcc273ae d9c2 48be ad4c 54b698e30958
  10. This
    240b4c07 99a8 4792 94ff 8c68306013ff
  11. What could it be??
    862536f5 378a 44f1 86eb c844ffaca0d4
  12. Huh
    9ec341f9 66e5 4591 be9a 4c8fc86c0e20
  13. Hmmm
    48abdeac e70d 4d72 a0eb 8ace0f9a9c09
  14. Guess!
    Bb177a69 a5c4 4f62 9c35 74ee6d4de2fc
  15. No clues for you
    A8ca834b 2f4d 47e5 aa1e 1d460de7d480
  16. I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way. —Mr. John Keating