1. Presently, North Carolina is in the midst of the worst ice storm I have ever experienced.
  2. Look at all these warning colors? I think they are literally all turned on. WTF is the dark purple? A warning for dolphins not to try to leap out of the ocean so they do not hurt their melons on the icy surface??
  3. SIDEBAR: North Carolina has like one busted down snow plow that is shared by the entire state
  4. SIDEBAR PART TWO: It also has just one bag of sidewalk salt and they just sent out an alert robo-call that they just used it all up on the governor's back deck
  5. Anyway, all of my friends have been like industrious ants for 48 hours, preparing and preparing
  6. But I am the grasshopper and have not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. But this morning, it started raining ice super hard and has not stopped and is not supposed to stop until there is 3-5 inches of ice on the ground.
  8. 3-5 inches of ice.
  9. So I did a little preparing.
  10. So far I have:
  11. Made sure my flashlight works
  12. Put a candle out on the tabletop
    This one provides light AND sexy massage oil. Ooo la la!
  13. Ordered and promptly ate three containers-full of crab rangoon
  14. Thought about bringing a few logs in for the fireplace but then forgot
  15. Pretended I went to get the mail at the end of my long, icy driveway and slipped into a ditch and then texted up-shots from my pretend ditch (like this one) where I pretended to be slowly dying to @mlb, which terrorized her
  16. I also sent her this with an audio text of me wailing in pain:
  17. ANYWAY how else should I prepare? Open to suggestions.
  18. In Florida, before any type of emergency, it is customary to fill the bathtubs with water. Maybe do that?
    Suggested by   @randi
  19. Charge all the things!! Flashlights. Phones. Kindles!
    Also be sure you have an alternate book on your kindle, just in case you finish your current read.
    Suggested by   @Starmist
  20. Water in tub, charge stuff, stock up at the liquor store, do as much laundry as you can. Make a blizzard playlist and cozy up with a special someone and Netflix!
    Suggested by   @lrcolleran