1. Pull their Imperial underwear down inside their Imperial pants.
  2. The Force-stuff their Imperial sinuses.
  3. The Force-make spit come out when they open their Imperial mouths to speak.
  4. If they usually have their Imperial penis in their left Imperial pant leg, The Force-move it to their right Imperial pant leg.
  5. Give them Imperial acid reflux.
  6. Give them a The Force handsie right during an important Imperial meeting and see if they can keep it together.
  7. The Force-induced constipation. Or The Force-induced sudden total loss of Imperial bowel control.
  8. Mix up their Imperial papers so they give me inaccurate information which justifies me The Force-strangling them and The Force-dramatically tossing them across the bridge to foster fear and confusion amongst the other Imperial officers present.
  9. The Force-snap their Imperial bras which is against the Imperial Sexual Harassment Policy but I am The Dark Lord so.
  10. The Force-unplug their Imperial Windows PC just as they are using the Imperial Windows PC to navigate a Tydirium Shuttle into hanger bay 177C.
  11. The Force-make one of their Imperial contact lenses pop out.
  12. The Force flush the Imperial toilet right after they sit down to go.
  13. Painful The Force wedgies.