Inspired by @charlie
  1. Being a person my children are/were (when I'm gone) glad to know
  2. Doing truly selfless acts for others
  3. Connecting with readers
  4. Finding moments of clarity and peace as I navigate this mostly bullshit-y, often disappointing thing we call Humanity
  5. Creating art (writing, etc) that *I* am satisfied with
  6. Making someone smile
  7. Going to bed each night with some inkling or inspiration or good reason which compels me to rise up and put one foot in front of the other the next morning
  8. When I truly and deeply enjoy things in the moment (versus feeling like I'm wasting the precious little time I have on Earth)
  9. To think that I was "beloved" by at least one person while I was here. (However that person chose to define "beloved.")