1. On the Internet at large: 0%
  2. On The List App: 0%
  3. Having said the above, I respectfully offer the following food for thought as you navigate the Internet, The List App and Life in general:
  4. People forgive small lies. And expect small lies. Everyone tells small lies.
  5. EXAMPLE: I have uploaded, for your viewing pleasure, a grayscale photograph of myself as my The List App avatar.
  6. However—and I hope this does not come as a shock to anyone—I am not gray in real life. Or leastwise not all the way gray. I am, in fact, a man of many colors. I am also usually not that coiffed in the hair department on a day to day basis. Indeed, at the moment I am rather in need of a haircut.
  7. This is a small lie: that I am pretending to be all-gray. It harms no one. We are both complicit in this lie, in a way.
  8. EXAMPLE: I have mentioned in lists no less than seven times a personage by the name of "Uncle Rupert." But I do not have an Uncle Rupert. He is a figment of my imagination who I've conjured up for the purposes of humor.
  9. I just happen to think that Rupert is a name with more comedic value than the names of my actual uncles...which are Bill and Steve.
  10. This little lie also harms no one.
    (In fact, you could argue that this is a lie that is of manifold benefit to my Uncles Bill and Steve who, in real life, are quite cray cray!)
  11. But people feel betrayed by big lies. Especially lies that manipulate emotions.
  12. Like, for example, if I pretended that I had an Aunt Martha who had just died of cancer and wrote a list about her last days and you read it and it made you cry...
  13. ...and then the next day I wrote another list that said "Just kidding I do not have an Aunt Martha. I only have an Aunt Cathy and she is over right now helping me fry donuts!" you would have the sad face.
  14. But always remember the following about this, our digital culture:
  15. It is all little lies, for the most part.
    Mixed in with some big lies, too.
  16. Everyone embellishes.
  17. Everyone applies filters.
  18. Everyone "Photoshops."
  19. Everyone curates.
  20. Everyone boils down personal stories to the "juicy parts."
  21. Everyone leaves things out.
  22. Everyone adds punchlines.
  23. Social media encourages us to do all of the above.
  24. To appear exciting.
  25. To feel "relevant."
  26. To share a tuna sandwich for lunch that is more exotic and excellent than everyone else's tuna sandwich for lunch.
  27. That is all.
  28. Be careful on the Internet.
  29. Now I will add a few suns, so that you know to always look on the bright side of life:
  30. 🌞🌞🌞
  31. P.S. The sun emoji in this list's title was put there on purpose as a subliminal message to force you to feel a generalized sense of gladness. Did it work?
  32. 🌞🌞🌞