1. My kids are 8.5 and 11.9
  2. We were out in the cul-de-sac playing baseball
  3. Nice sunny, breezy day
  4. And every time they missed catching the ball
  5. They'd shout "FAIL!"
  6. And every time they missed hitting the ball
  7. They'd shout "FAIL!"
  8. And every time they'd hit the ball
  9. Or make a good play
  10. Or mess up (in their eyes)
  11. They'd say "Oh-em-gee!"
  12. And say how what they just did would make a good FTW or FAIL YouTube video clip
  13. And they kept asking me to take video of them
  14. And I would not
  15. And anyway
  16. It made me sad
  17. Because it seemed that they weren't just living their lives
  18. And living in the moment
  19. And playing ball with Dad
  20. But were thinking of themselves as others see them
  21. As strangers see them
  22. As short-attention-span-YouTube watchers see them
  23. And thought of their real lives
  24. As something to be consumed by others
  25. And I didn't teach them this
  26. And I don't think they are overexposed to technology by me
  27. And they love paper books
  28. And are smart
  29. And are creative
  30. But this is our world
  31. Where everyone is not just a person
  32. But everyone is also an avatar
  33. And you not only have to worry about how your peers see you
  34. But you worry about how everyone online sees you too
  35. And your self-worth is based on how many followers you have
  36. And how many Likes you receive
  37. And so you cultivate an online "you" that is not like the real you
  38. And it is a never-ending race
  39. And it isn't always like this
  40. But somehow it feels wrong
  41. And there's no going back
  42. To baseball
  43. With Dad
  44. Without "Baseball With Dad Fails.mp4"