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  1. Start with the most whimsical piece of 8.5 x 11" paper you can find. This piece is a print of an actual unicorn fingerprint!
    061579f9 6ff8 4262 b81e 8f934aee262c
  2. Fold that puppy in half.
    80e55952 2478 4e14 a812 b902ec8e2772
  3. Fold down the top fold corners like this. Are you making a hat?? NO YOU ARE NOT
    3207a490 a392 48cb 96f8 2dba226f488d
  4. Fold up the bottom thing like this. In Japanese, the word for "bottom thing" is bototori.
    A238b45f 1461 484d b35e ef090b1829b5
  5. Flip over and fold up the other bototori. Are you making a hat? NO YOU ARE STILL NOT
    7f38a065 34d6 4786 95d8 645d7fe702f3
  6. Tuck the little flappy corners (call "flapoji" in Japanese) into each other.
    A9955a1a c7e6 461a a764 2ad16a567004
  7. Pick that shit up and pull the two corners of the triangle together til...
    E67238cc 76b3 415e 81bf 303fc185b5f1
  8. It is a square again! A miracle!
    Cfc7354b 6775 4ad6 a69e 3e00b8da1e6d
  9. Now fold one of the flapporoonies up.
    7685709a a91e 4ead 955c 6a00d5a661e1
  10. Flip it over and fold the other flapporoonie up. It's a TRIANGLE AGAIN OMG I AM A JESUS
    6a5f7632 a6d1 4a4f a58c 6cc8fe3fadf3
  11. Now you reach in and open it's "mouth"...
    3d8a13de 784e 4e03 b4f5 96cd310cf7f6
  12. ...and press the two triangle-y corners together again...
    7bc9cdc5 b5c1 4c4a 976a c69d00a127c6
  13. ... to get an ever more miraculously-small square.
    44964703 c728 4096 a617 50b592f14848
  14. Okay. Now pick up the square and pull these two wingy things outward. It will be like a blooming flower and you will swoon.
    Df29b4a2 8a2f 46af a0bf 60397619f75c
  15. And when the wingy things go no further out, press that effer flat so it looks thusly.
    1dc398ec d7b2 448a 9c71 55e60fbdc9e7
  16. Push two fingers gentle into the boat's short side (known as the "butt") and spread them outward a bit.
    1d8d0c11 a4d8 4b9b 8e88 1d29c99e8163
  17. And sort of stretch out the long side, too, until you have this.
    Ebdd05a7 3cb3 41cd 84fc 7351a63d8896
  18. This is your beautiful, zen-like boat.
    0f30c635 e46e 471d b664 121e2c3f2470
  19. It is not water proof.
  20. It will not float.
  21. It is not a hat. Except maybe for a pirate cat. Meowrrrrrrr!
  22. But it is a pretty boat and you did such a good job and you are now very well-liked by your friends and relations.
  23. ⚓️