1. I think, therefore I'm.
  2. I know you're, but what am I?
  3. You'd one job
  4. We're the world. We're the children.
  5. I've a dream.
  6. "I'm what I'm," said Popeye.
  7. To be, or not to be, that's the question.
  8. I'm the walrus.
  9. To Have and Haven't.
  10. We'll, we'll rock you
  11. I'm Legend
  12. There'll Be Blood
  13. Will.I'm
  14. Don't go gentle into that g'night
  15. I wouldn't couldn't in a boat / I wouldn't couldn't with a goat
  16. Must've toys this holiday season
  17. "Grandmother, what big eyes you've!" said Little Red Riding Hood.
  18. Silent night. Holy night. All's calm. All's bright.
  19. Wherever You Go, There You're
  20. Do or don't. There's no try.
  21. Ma'am Bovary
  22. You! Shan't! Pass!!