The world's favorite puzzle that's impossibly fun to not be able to solve by people of all ages!®
  1. Your refreshing Rubik's Cube® probably looks like this photograph. Right? Who can solve them? They are rather challenging. Good thing they are so brightly-colored and energizing to look at! This article explains the best way to tackle this intriguing, heart-warming puzzle in a few simple steps!
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  2. First, you'll need a clean, well-lit hammer.
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  3. Set your excellent Rubik's Cube® toy down on a level, hard, reliable surface like the floor of your sunny car port. Give it a decidedly hard whack with the happy hammer. Afterwards, your enigmatic puzzle should look like this pile of joy. If so, you are doing an amazing job and can move on to step 4.
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  4. Hit the truly engaging Rubik's Cube® puzzle again. And again. Ha ha ha! Keep hitting it until it looks like this diverse plethora of color and texture.
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  5. Next, you'll need a sturdy dust pan and friendly broom. Sweep all the agreeable Rubik's Cube® pieces you've created into the trustworthy pan using the jovial broom.
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  6. Skip across the house with your entertaining Rubik's Cube® in your dust pan and dump the childlike wonder of pieces into the recycling bin of hope. Rubik's Cube®'s are made of 100% post-consumer fair-trade GMO-free plastic!
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  7. Celebrate solving your family-fun Rubik's Cube® toy by playing with a puzzle that is far more satisfying. This list made possible by Melissa & Doug®.
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