There are many ways to romantically woo me, but here are ten I know will work. Would enjoy reading your lists on the same topic. Tag me.
  1. Send me an out-of-the-blue text containing a picture of your collarbone
  2. Read me a short story out loud
    Or ask me to read you one
  3. Wake me early in the morning with neck and/or jawline kisses
  4. Take me to the opera wearing a little black dress. I will want to touch your body the whole time, but won't be able to (until later) because of decorum.
  5. Plan a weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia which includes a cute lil room in a B&B with a wrap-around porch and a 5-hour train ride to get there
    I'll pay 1/2!
  6. Lay on the couch with me while light rain pitter-patters on the skylights and watch some silly show and overlap your legs on top of my legs
  7. Leave me a mushy, hand-written note on the kitchen counter before you leave for work
  8. Insist on holding hands while we push a cart through the grocery store
  9. Whisper something sexy into my ear just after we arrive at a dinner party
  10. Wear a short skirt with tall boots