NOTE: I don't recommend taking your space suit off in outer space as this would initially be very uncomfortable for you and would quickly move to your being deceased.
  1. You would not explode. That is a myth made up by Neil Armstrong.
    That guy was a lying rat bastard. Okay, Neil Armstrong didn't make that up. But it's still a myth.
  2. Your skin would feel very cold.
  3. The moisture in your mouth would boil away.
  4. Your body would use up all the oxygen left in your blood within 15 seconds.
  5. You would be as sad as can be.
  6. You would lose consciousness at this point.
  7. You might convulse.
  8. You would start turning blue.
  9. The air left in your blood stream would start to expand, making your whole body swell up to maybe twice its normal size.
    But no exploding. Your skin is stretchy!
  10. Within 1-2 minutes, your blood pressure would drop a bunch and you would suffocate from lack of oxygen and your heart would stop.
  11. And/or one of the many gas bubbles in your blood stream might lodge in your heart and/or brain, causing cardiac arrest, stroke, etc.
  12. Oh, and meanwhile you'd get an extreme sunburn from being exposed to nasty UV radiation.
  13. Yeah, and high energy photons like X-rays and gamma rays would damage your DNA, mutating it. So if someone managed to drag you into a spaceship before you died, you'd probably eventually die anyway of a terrible cancer.
  14. You might also get hit by orbital debris.
  15. And if you had tried to hold your breath at first, the rapid expansion of that gas would have massively ruptured your lungs. Oopsie.
  16. THE END (of you).
  17. PSA: What are you thinking, silly? Leave your space suit on in outer space! Love, Chris. XOXO ❤️